A Model for a Challenging World

Saint Leo University’s QEP, A Model for a Challenging World, equips students with critical thinking skills, helps students explore the Saint Leo University core values while clarifying their personal values, and prepares them to apply and link critical thinking skills and values in their decision making. Students will:

  • develop critical thinking skills;
  • understand and use the core values; and
  • apply critical thinking and values to decision making.

Students will develop, refine, and apply these skills and abilities through their experiences in a revised general education curriculum and redesigned courses in all academic majors. The redesigned general education curriculum includes an emphasis on developing and applying critical thinking skills. It also includes an emphasis on learning about and applying the university core values. Students’ experiences in selected courses in each academic program reinforce and expand the critical thinking and core values foundation created through the general education experience.

Multiple stakeholders from across the university, including students, faculty members, staff, administrators and the board of trustees, helped focus the university’s QEP on learning that is essential to the success of the university’s graduates. The resulting QEP aligns with the school’s mission. To bring about the desired learning outcomes, a QEP director will lead this initiative. The QEP director reports to the vice president for Academic Affairs and receives guidance and support from the QEP advisory committee.